Storm Drain Valve Options

If you’re considering installing a storm drain valve on your property, there are several options that you can choose from. Some of these include the Tideflex CheckMate inline check valve, the Fernco Storm Drain Deep Valve, and the Vortex Valve. The choice is yours, but keep in mind that the prices vary depending on what you need and how large your storm drain is.

Tideflex CheckMate inline check valve

The Tideflex CheckMate inline storm drainage check valve is used for preventing the backflow of water from storm drains into sewage treatment plants. Its patented design allows for easy installation without modifying existing structures. Its construction is made of elastomers and rubber and does not require any mechanical parts. Moreover, it is maintenance-free.

Its all-rubber design enables it to open with a single inch of head pressure and close silently. Its design eliminates the need for mechanical parts and hydraulic testing. This ensures that it will perform efficiently for years.

Tideflex CheckMate

If you have a storm drain system that’s prone to backflow or surcharging, a Tideflex CheckMate Inline valve could be the solution for you. These valves use an innovative inline design to prevent backflow, allowing them to be installed without modifying the structure of the drainage system. This valve is an ideal choice for municipalities, commercial property owners, and other institutions that deal with stormwater or wastewater. Tideflex CheckMate valves are made of seven different elastomers, which prevent backflow and allow water to drain properly with low pressure. They are maintenance free and require no adjustments or replacement parts, ensuring that you can use your new valve for years to come.

One of the best aspects of the Tideflex CheckMate valve is its durability. You don’t have to worry about any leaking components – they are made of durable and weatherproof material and can withstand up to 40 ft of backpressure. In addition, there are no mechanical parts, so you don’t have to worry about the Tideflex CheckMate leaking and causing a flood in your storm drain.

Vortex Valve

A Vortex Valve for storm drain is a unique device that uses a hydraulic effect to regulate the flow of stormwater. By reducing the flow of stormwater, thisĀ storm drain check valve device can prevent downstream overflows. Its design allows for larger openings than conventional flow control devices, which makes it more effective for regulating runoff. This feature also reduces the chance of blockage caused by debris.

Another unique feature of the Vortex Valve is its ability to restrict the flow of water while maintaining a negligible pressure drop. In addition, this device’s large physical flow path means that it doesn’t clog easily, even during high-flow conditions. And, unlike conventional orifices, it does not require a large physical structure to work in a storm drain.

Fernco Spill Stop Drain

The Fernco Spill Stop Drain storm drain valve is an innovative product designed to eliminate standing water in an area. The product features a deep, black plastic valve box with a green lid, allowing for easy access and maintenance. Additionally, the valve box hides unsightly irrigation components. It is also designed for use on finished grade, and is made from commercial-grade polyethylene.

The Spill Stop Drain storm drain valve is a cost-effective, easy-to-use system that controls the flow of fluids in storm drains. This system can be customized for specific circumstances and is available in manual and automatic models. Manual versions are operated with a valve key, while automatic models can be operated by a remote switch.

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