NEBOSH Diploma

A NEBOSH Diploma is one of the most prestigious health and safety qualifications that a person can obtain. The sheer scope of work needed in order to achieve such a qualification means that only those with a serious dedication to health and safety will be able to put in the effort needed to acquire it. In fact, the qualification is such an achievement that there are NEBOSH graduation days held each year for those who achieve a National, International or Environmental Diploma.

NEBOSH Diploma courses by ATC Risk Management

NEBOSH National Diploma

The NEBOSH National Diploma is aimed at those based in the UK, and is based around the knowledge and information taught on the NEBOSH National General Certificate qualification. This means that it is advisable, and sometimes mandatory with some training providers, for candidates to have already taken and passed the NEBOSH General Certificate before embarking upon a Diploma.

Those who achieve the NEBOSH National Diploma are able to put DipNEBOSH after their name. A typical training programme will contain approximately 35 full days of classroom-based tuition. It is highly recommended not to attempt such a qualification by any other method such as distance learning or e-learning, as the presence of a fellow delegates for discussion and a course tutor to ask questions in real-time with can often be the difference between passing a NEBOSH Diploma and failing due to information overload. There are currently four individual units comprising the full qualification, and students can take these in any order within a five year period. The syllabus of the National Diploma is intended to be transferable across a wide variety of different industries in both the public and private sector.

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