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Jewish Business Directory

The Jewish Business Directory is perhaps the #1 Jewish Phone Directory & most trusted online resource for locating Jewish owned businesses & residential addresses and listings. Since being established in 1999 the Jewish Business Directory has been helping Jewish consumers & business owners find contact information for local Jewish-owned businesses, locate kosher food outlets, learn about Jewish holidays, get information about Jewish charities and more. This directory has information on many facets of Jewish life, providing a valuable source of information to anyone interested in Jewish business. This information can be used as an alternative to traditional phone directories, such as yellow pages, white pages or the internet. Traditional phone searches are time consuming and often inaccurate, while the Jewish directory has the information you need in a convenient format that you can use, even while on the go.

Using the Jewish directory enables one to find: – kosher restaurants – kosher food outlets – kosher travel companies – kosher beauty salons – kosher spas – national and international direct mail companies – national and international banks – real estate companies – arts and crafts – finance and banking – information on doctors and dentists – travel companies – information on lawyers and dentists – synagogues and community centers – national and international charities For instance, when a Jewish person wants to locate a kosher restaurant, this directory can help provide the specific names of restaurants in the area, their contact information and other pertinent information. Likewise, when a Jewish person wants to find a kosher restaurant, the Jewish business directory can provide the names and contact information of national and international kosher restaurants, national and international hotels and motels.

In addition to the above, the Jewish business directory provides updated information about kosher foodies, including: – kosher food facts and ingredients – kosher cooking tips and recipes – information about national and international kosher food trends – latest news in the food business As well, the Jewish business directory can help locate excellent food and kosher travel companies. For instance, if a Jewish person wishes to organize a family vacation to a resort in Mexico, he or she could use the services of a reliable kosher travel company. This is because the kosher travel companies can help find hotels, airlines, tours and even place of stay for the entire family. The kosher travel companies also help find appropriate entertainment activities to include in the family vacation.

Another way that the Jewish business directory can be beneficial to Jewish people and their pursuit of their dream career is that the information provided can assist in enhancing their career prospects. For instance, if a prospective Jewish chef wishes to pursue a career in the food industry, he or she should first visit the web site of the Jewish Association of Jewish Food and Wine. Here, he or she will be able to access a variety of kosher restaurants in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, as well as those in New York, Miami Beach, Orlando, Chicago and other key cities throughout the United States and Canada. The website also features the latest kosher recipes, information on kosher food festivals and kosher music concerts. In addition, there are a host of blogs and information available from Jewish business directories, which are specifically designed to help Jewish people enhance their career prospects.

The website also contains a section on kosher grocery stores. This is meant to help potential Jewish customers find the ideal kosher grocery store for them. For instance, the directory lists out the most popular kosher groceries and supermarkets. It also offers information on Jewish owned and operated discount supercenters, artisans and deli franchises, kosher butchers, kosher specialty shops, kosher spa franchises and so much more. In addition, the directory provides contact numbers for local rabbis, kosher doctors, lawyers and other professionals who deal with legal issues specific to kosher law, such as real estate, insurance, investment and other areas.

The kosher business directory helps make it easier for Jewish people to find opportunities that match their lifestyle and career goals. Whether it is a simple online search or an extensive and in-depth investigation, a good kosher business directory will provide all the information a person needs in one convenient location. Moreover, it is free! The only cost you have is time and effort. For more information, contact the author or website owner.

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