Family Child Care Association – Facts and Figures

Location: Tampa, Florida. The professional and ethical association of child care centers is the International Federation of Family Child Care Association (IFCCCA). The association is affiliated with the National Educational Association (NEA). IFCCCA is a not-for-profit membership organization that promotes the well being of families, children, and teachers.

Family Child Care Association

THINKING: Children experience learning and developmental stages through their families. The goal of the family child care association is to ensure that all family child care providers are aware of the developmental needs of the children they serve. The association provides resources and develops policies to ensure equal opportunity for all members. The organization’s mission is to eliminate barriers to early learning by connecting family child care providers with other professionals who can enhance the early childhood education model. The association also advocates for educational policies that promote unity and cooperation between education systems.

ACEDS: The International Family Child Care Association and the National Education Association are the largest non-profit membership organizations in the United States, representing family child care providers in the planning, delivery and support of educational programs. They also represent the administrative board of each association. Both of these associations have policies to ensure equity in access to children’s educational programs. All member families are included in their policies.

COUNSELING: Providing quality, responsible and reliable training for all family child care providers in all areas of their operations is the duty of the IFCC. In September of 2020 the IFCCCA established the Florida Early Learning Center (FELC) to expand the scope and quality of services to include high-quality counseling. The FELC has a mission to prepare children for kindergarten. They provide services to families who need assistance preparing and attending to their children’s educational needs. Members are reviewed periodically for quality of service.

NATIONAL AFFILATION AND CONFERENCES: The IFCA and the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Association are two nationally recognized associations that coordinate efforts to improve early childhood education and treatment. The National Association of School Nurses and the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Association coordinate the Annual Meeting of the American College of Pediatricians. Both associations participate in the APA’s Committee on Family Education and Statistics’ Developmental Psychology Seminar Series. The association also participates in the Annual Meeting of the Council on Family Education and Statistics.

CHILD CARE PROVIDERS: As members of the IFCCC, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, and Pennsylvania state family child care associations have committed to work together to provide the highest quality of medical care to children who need it. These associations work with state licensing boards and representatives from licensed providers to ensure quality and safety of child patient care. Florida and New Jersey state family child care associations and New York state family child care associations and Pennsylvania state family child care associations jointly promote research and service activities that focus on preventing premature death and disability due to illness or accidents. All participating associations encourage families and providers to share information and develop partnerships that will make the children and their parents safe.

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