Certifications and Ratings For Dog Trainers

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Dog training is a unique program of behavior analysis that applies to a dog trainer the historical antecedent and current context of human society to alter the dog’s behavior, either for him to perform certain tasks or take on certain tasks, or even for him to engage effectively in modern domestic life. It aims at transforming a dog from a highly aggressive, instinctive wild animal to a docile, well-behaved pet. It also aims at producing a physically fit, emotionally stable dog, capable of taking on any kind of challenge. The ultimate aim of the training program is, as their name suggests, to transform the dog into a well-behaved, socially tolerant, and obedient pet.

Training is often the last resort of dog owners after they have exhausted all other possible avenues. In fact, training can prove to be very beneficial to your relationship with your pet, and it will even bring about a few quick, positive results. This is because a trained dog, apart from being obedient, is also social and responsible. Training therefore, provides you with a safe, secure, cooperative animal that has mastered tricks that make him a joy to be around. And training a dog, unlike most other forms of dog domestication, is a process that is not only fun and interesting, but it is one that teaches a dog to think, learn, feel, and behave as a human being would.

To be a certified dog trainer, you must fulfill a set of requirements. First of all, you need to attend and pass a professional dog trainers’ certification course. The course includes theoretical study, practical training, and written examinations. The number of hours required to complete the course varies from state to state. Generally, the minimum number of hours required to earn the certification is five hundred hours. A certificate of the completion of the training course is also provided upon successful completion of the course.

There are three basic certification levels, CCDDT (Certified Dog Trainer/Certified Professional Dog Trainer), CTRP (Certified Treatment Program Provider) and CTP (Certified Treatment Technician). Each level has its own unique set of requirements. CCDDT certification requires completion of an in depth study of basic dog psychology and training techniques, whereas CTP requires that you have at least one year of experience in a similar role. CTT certification requires that you complete a course on how to administer and apply positive reinforcement training techniques to dogs.

It is important to note that not every dog trainer has achieved all three of these certifications. You can easily verify this by checking the organizations that award the certifications. All the organizations that award the certifications are known as “examiners” and they are independent organizations. To become a certified dog trainer, you need to pass their examination and then take an exam in order to acquire the certification.

The main reason why the organizations awarded the certifications is to ensure the validity of the certification. Many trainers have tried to cheat the system by providing fake information or credentials to obtain certification. It is important for you to make sure that the organization awarding the certifications is not a scam. You should also verify that the certifications were not awarded to someone other than the actual dog trainers. Some of the main certifications that dog trainers are required to have been Certified Animal Behaviorist, Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Therapy Dog.

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