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Useful Guide Libraries and training e-books by Pansophix

Pansophix e-books can be read either as stand alone books, or to compliment any past, present or future training programmes for you or your employees. Also known as Useful Guides, they cover a whole range of topics and area of study, with books on health and safety issues, management training, business coaching and interpersonal skills.

As well as being able to be purchased as individual books at, the majority of our customers are organisations, particularly universities, who purchase a Useful Guide Library subscription for a certain number of books which gives them unlimited downloads for their staff or students. For more information on setting up your own Library, visit our Useful Guide Library site at

Through our sister sites, we offer the following services and training courses:

Health and Safety Training

Whether you require an accredited health and safety qualification, or a bespoke programme tailored to the particular hazards that your employees face whilst at work, our range of health and safety courses provide the information to help create a safe working environment and reduce the chances of a workplace accident or illness from happening.


Management Training

The skills required to be an effective manager are many and varied. Not only will a manager need to have a good understanding of the particular type of activity their business or organisation is engaged in, but they will also need to have the people management and motivational skills that will inspire their team to achieve the set goals.

Many managers will acquire these skills through a combination of reading books, attending management training courses and, especially, through experience as they progress through their managerial career.


Business Coaching

Business coaching can take different forms and mean slightly different things to different people.

For executives, a business coach can act as a sounding board to impartially discuss problems and issues through with. This executive coach will usually have either personally experienced similar issues, or will have talked through and found the solution to it with another executive in the past. Rather than providing all of the answers, the coach will pass on his or her wisdom/experience so that they and the executive can come up with a suitable action plan to address the issue.

Business coaching for employees is fairly similar, but rather than dealing with issues affecting the entire company, will concentrate on their particular barriers that are preventing them from achieving their full potential within the company. Businesses which have employees working to their full potential will stand a much greater chance of achieving targets and objectives.